Hit The Beat Academy

Hit The Beat Academy

Hit The Beat Academy is a project to improve the professionalism and career opportunities of youth coaches.
The creative pedagogical approach is reflected and the methodology is worked on together.

Since 1999, Hit the Beat has taken up and further developed the impulses of the Hit the Beat initiative in Germany in an institute for young people with special needs. The workshops were aimed at socially disadvantaged children and young people in Germany and later in Namibia.

Since 2015, workshops have been organized for refugees – unaccompanied minors – from 15 different countries of origin. For this special target group, music is a medium for non-verbal and sensitive communication as well as for activating one's own cultural identity experiences. This led to further meetings of the Hit the Beat initiative in other African countries, including facilities in Egypt and South Africa. Partners who have been involved in the implementation of these workshops so far form the core of the partner consortium to build the Hit the Beat Academy. The goal of Hit the Beat boils down to the central point: overcoming personal and social experiences of deprivation can be achieved through joint artistic and social activities. They can have a healing effect if they achieve sufficient depth, structure and continuity. The participants experience joy in presenting themselves; By seeing, hearing, perceiving and experiencing others, they develop interest in each other. Artistic presentation leads to self-confidence and self-esteem. The presentations of local, regional and international projects reinforce this by recognizing performance (self-efficacy).


The project would like to contribute to a greater integration of such offers into traditional curricula or into the operation of schools and youth facilities. Since there is often a lack of qualified personnel, media and practical relevance, the project aims to provide effective support through the qualification of trainers and the creation of teaching/learning materials.

Since 1999, Hit the Beat has taken up and further developed the impulses of this initiative in the founding institution Ziegelhütte e.V. The focus is on musical-educational offerings with a final performance that include dance and visual-artistic elements.