Attractive group experiences for the team

The aim of a team-building workshop is to create a sense of belonging through communal activities. With us the focus is on creative musical or artistic activities, e.g. percussion, musical improvisation, Filipino stick-fighting, dance or visual arts. Keynote speeches then complete the picture.

Target groups: Companies, teams, colleges of teachers

uration: 2–6 hours or on a daily basis

Special features: Special emphasis can be placed on mediation, if desired: differences are dissolved by artistic means and channeled towards teamwork

What's the point:

  • to strengthen the feeling of cohesion in a company’s team – colleagues meet each other on a level outside what they are used to
  • the experience strengthens communication and brings new enjoyment and satisfaction to the work-place
  • if there is a smouldering conflict within the team, this can be dealt with through special mediation exercises