Waldorf100 – Anniversary

2019 Germany Tour

Waldorf100 – Anniversary

In 2019, Waldorf schools worldwide celebrated their 100th anniversary, and the Hit the Beat project its 20th anniversary.

26 students from the Waldorf School Windhoek, Namibia were therefore on a concert tour through Germany for four weeks in the summer of 2019: a firework of cultural performances, choral music,drumming, dance choreographies and poetry slam.

Four weeks of sold-out concert halls and emotional encounters. Together with numerous German students, bridges were built in world cafés, workshops and speed dating sessions, and joint show elements were set up. True to the motto of Hit the Beat: Unity through cultural diversity.






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Hit the Beat Germany 2019 - The Waldorf100 Tour

Hit the Beat Germany 2019 - The Waldorf100 - Show & Interviews

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