10 Years Kids Camp ALISA

Germany 2013-2023

„10 Years Kids Camp ALISA“

At the ALISA Centre in the Easter holidays there is drumming and singing – plus visual art and dance theatre. For two whole days about 45 young people aged between 5 and 16 come together from all kinds of schools in the northern district of Worms. In an inter-disciplinary workshop they discover new talents and learn important social skills.

Hit the Beat offers a colourful programme with daily rotating workshops. All children can try their hand at music (singing/drumming/improvisation), visual art and dance theatre. Together we set stories to music, improvise on instruments, learn simple drum rhythms, make sculptures and collages, and join in creatively choreographed dance moves. All these activities then culminate in a grand presentation.

Content is tailored to each age-group: with the small children, for instance, we will accompany stories with musical improvisation: what does a sunset sound
like, birdsong, frogs, rain, water? We listen to each other, find our own sound and combine these into a beautiful composition. All these things we have learned are then presented to parents in an hour-long performance.

For young people with not much art in their daily lives this is a super holiday activity from which they can gain a lot.
Through music, art and dance theatre we promote communication between different social groups: We learn to play together, to listen to each other and include everyone.

Simone de Picciotto – Music, drums and singing
Gela Gordon – Dance theater
Caro Krebietke – Art

Investing in children is something really special:
we get first-hand experience of how they develop and grow, and how passionate they are about community and building up their talents.


Dance Theater


Kids Camp Alisa

It was lovely to see my own child in the middle of everything
and having such fun drumming.